A Breaking Dawn

Breaking, yup that’s the word of the day for my household. Everything around me seems to be breaking, my car, our garbage disposal, our shower head, our faucet, our back door, our water heater and our furnace, even me – emotionally. I’m done. I’m tired, I’m so ready to move onward and UPWARD! To top it off, the mice have come back. We used to have rats and mice visit our home because of all the construction going on in what used to be a field behind us, so where do they run…yep you guessed it, to our house, a little old house we rent. Well we haven’t had any for a long time…until…until….I began hearing something chewing behind my stove again. Once you have mice, you recognize the sound of the little intruders right away when they come back. Grrr! Things are changing, but seemingly not for the better as I had hoped. So what do you do? Well if you are like me you sulk just a little, get mad a bit and have a momentary pity party…then…well then, you remind yourself of all the blessings you have and the opportunity for things to take a turn for the better. I realize that when things break, it’s time for the old to go and the new to come. I’m ready for the new…well at least I think I am…because sometimes new changes might not always be what you think. Along with new changes, also come new challenges. But that’s not to scare you or bring you down. It just means nothing is ever going to be perfect. The only thing you can resolve to do is look for the positive, adjust your own attitude. I heard a phrase the other day that said “Happiness and joy are two different things. Happiness is having an ice cream cone but Joy is something you choose in spite of the circumstances you may be facing”. Today as I wrestle with my flesh and emotions I’m going to count it all Joy because I know a new dawn is breaking in my life. So I’m going to choose to believe if all of this around me is falling apart, it’s because God has greater things in store for me ahead. I’m choosing to move onward and Upward in my attitude instead and soon my physical circumstances follow suit.

As a man thinketh so he becomes.

If I choose to remain Joyful in spite of what I am facing I will create an atmosphere in my life that invites my future to become my NOW! Speaking of, now, I’ve got to get after that mouse!

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2 Responses to A Breaking Dawn

  1. Christy Vanr says:

    A new dawn IS breaking. Now go get that lil’ critter!

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