Powerless or Powerful?

When we think of being powerless, we think of being completely helpless. Powerlessness exudes a stigma of being stuck with no way out or having something done to you in which you have no recourse. Powerlessness can often couple itself with being a victim of circumstance or injustice. It never feels good to be powerless. In some ways we can feel forced into a desperate situation due to feelings of powerlessness. How do we get out of it? How do we overcome?

I’ve learned that it begins with the power of choice. If we believe we have no choice then we will stay in a state of powerlessness in that particular event or circumstance. But if we tell ourselves, “I have the power to choose”, we have stepped over a threshold from a desert life of being a victim to a promised land of victory. Often we convince ourselves that we don’t get to choose when in fact it is very far from the truth. Remember the old saying, ‘Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity?’ That includes powerlessness. We always have a choice. Not necessarily in what will come at us, but in how we handle and/or react to it. That choice may just be wrapped up in fear. You might have to decide enough is enough to push past that fear and make an alternate choice for yourself. You could be facing a toxic relationship, or you may be at a job that barely keeps you afloat financially. You may have a jealous friend who holds you back or tries to tell you all the ways why your dream won’t work or come true or share how they think it could go all wrong for you. You may want to stay safe, secure, predictable and be able to control your own world. It’s o.k if you do, but all those things may be the very things keeping you captive in your powerlessness. You may want to remain unforgiving, bitter and resentful but that will just keep you a victim.

I encourage us all to ask ourselves if our life is bearing any fruit in our desert circumstances or are we brave enough to realize our true power lies in the choices we make for ourselves.Whether we stay stagnant and accept what we are dealt or we choose to create another outcome, another career, finish schooling, or pursue higher education in a specific field, or walk away from that which no longer serves the health of our heart and well being, we decide if we remain powerless. We choose if we will remain a victim to our circumstance. It begins in our heads first before it reaches our hearts. Anything that is in our head will eventually reach our heart so we must be careful of the thoughts we think. If we let negative thoughts swirl around there for too long, they will work their way into our hearts and become our belief system and we will live out of that false belief system. Sometimes we will hide behind what happened to us and that stays our story because we are too afraid of making a different choice because we fear it will be the wrong choice. Instead, what if we looked at our choices, not necessarily as wrong, but maybe not our best choice? What if we looked at it as a learning experience, as part of our journey and saw that it was an opportunity presenting itself to us to make a different one? If we see it that way, then we have just empowered ourselves to to make a new choice that aligns with our hearts desired outcome. There are so many choices in front of us. Today, I encourage you to ask yourself, What do I want my heart to believe? Will I tell my heart the message that I am powerless or that I AM Powerful? The choice really is ours.

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